Mother rat teaches her babys how to groom their human

Mother rat teaches her babys how to groom their human


Everyone poopoos on pet rats but they are way smarter than almost every other rodent pet. I've had several very loving pet rats, meanwhile my toddler cousins found her hamsters decapitated by the biggest one. That shit was traumatizing.


When I was younger my parents bought me a hamster that was supposed to be male. It was not. It was also pregnant. She ended up eating the head half of one of her babies even though she had plenty of food. VERY TRAUMATIZING.


Are you my childhood friend? I felt so different about hamsters after this happened with my friend's hamster (and babies).


Why are hamsters so crazy?


From what I can gather I think hamsters are much less suitable as housepets than people tend to assume so they're often pretty stressed from not having the right setup and being overhandled. I think kept properly they're meant to have a large floor area & very deep bedding stuff (substrate) to burrow in but a lot of people keep them in canary cages with 2cm of sawdust on the floor.


This is exactly it. Hamsters are often regarded as some kind of "easy beginner pet for children", but they need specific care and surroundings just like every other animal. The majority of pet hamsters are probably kept in horrible conditions. Same with eg betta fish or very small dogs (the stereotypical insane chihuahua) - they can be very well behaved but need to be trained and cared for just as you would with a big dog.


I never understood this hamster or goldfish pet thing. Can't have a pet that you can't make a bond or even understand.


i liked having a betta fish just to have a pretty tank and see him swim around :) it was more about having a beautiful animal in a beautiful environment. very soothing to watch. (he had a 10 gallon tank so he was living the life lol)


I keep hermit crabs. You can take them out and hold them and everything, but they don't really bond with you like other pets. With animals like that, you get them because they're fascinating to watch. My crabs like to rearrange their habitat and dig tunnels in their substrate. They also communicate with each other with little chirps. A couple of them liked to switch shells every once in a while and it was hilarious watching them do it. One would switch to a different shell, the other would crawl over asap to steal their shell, then the first one would steal the second one's.


This was such an interesting thing to stumble across! Had no idea they chirped to each other! Kinda want some now.


It’s to teach kids about death


Rabbits eat their children when they're stressed.


Females are not good together. I think hamsters are solo animals, they meet only for mating.


Are you MY childhood friend? I also got a pregnant "male" hamster from the pet store by mistake, after they swore they were separated by gender. The hamster had a litter of 5 babies and ate them all, I walked in when she was halfway through one... Traumatizing doesn't even begin to cover it. Then she smelled like the worst shit for a week afterward, as I assume digesting/pooping out one's own young can't be very healthy. My mom finally took me and the hamster back to the pet store and forced them to take the hamster back and give us a refund. My mom said we weren't allowed to have hamsters after that. I was okay with it.


This is either an extremely common experience, I'm learning, or you're definitely my childhood friend.


Just ask for eachothers names or nicknames


>even though she had plenty of food It's not about food, it's about survival. Hamsters will kill their young when they don't feel safe, so they don't have to protect them. A lot of hamsters don't ever get used to humans, so they'll keep killing their babies, and be stressed out all the time (also because they don't feel safe), and die.


That episode of Hamtaro got cut...


When my parents first started dating my dad bought my mom a "definitely a male, the guy from the store promised" hamster and the exact same thing happened.


I had a cat that was a fucking genius at breaking into hamster cages to… well…


Oh, I thought it only happened to me! Still traumatized by this event...


The first half of your story is pretty similar to mine except we were told both hamsters were male, mine and my sister's. FF maybe a week, week and a half to my birthday. Summer pool party, a few hours in a family friend asked to go look at my hamster, I said she could. Not too long after she came running into the backyard to me and said something was wrong. Went into the room and saw my hamster in her(surprise! 😒) cage, deceased, surrounded by also deceased babies. Traumatized af, never owned a hamster again. She never looked any bigger so we had no clue. Hamsters are fragile and kinda crazy, combo leads to hella trauma


man what the hell is wrong with hamsters i keep seeing more and more messed up stories about them


Hamsters are solitary but people don't realize that and they buy two so they "have a friend."


Wait really? I always here ppl on here say, “if you buy a hamster, pls buy 2! They are social creatures and they get lonely and depressed!” lol idk who to believe and I don’t care enough to research it myself


> I always here ppl on here say, “if you buy a hamster, pls buy 2! They are social creatures and they get lonely and depressed!” That's alpacas, dude.


And prairie dogs. Although it's better not to keep them at all, as awesome as they are.


And guinea pigs


And bunnies. Sort of. They need a friend but they're a lot more choosy and temperamental about their friends.


We got my bunny a friend though a local, I kid you not, “bunny speed dating” adoption event


I'm interested now


My tortoise wants to know if they also have "tortoise slow dating" adoption events. ...he really wants a girlfriend (or two).


Sugar gliders TO THE MAX.


There’s a country, I want to say Norway? That mandates buying two guinea pigs for this reason.


Switzerland iirc. How strictly it's enforced, though, I have no idea.


Guinea pigs are social pets. They don't do well by themselves.


Info that would have been good to know when I was 8.


I feel like that's on people for listening to them, what would alpacas know about hamsters?


That’s ferrets, not hamsters


Also, you don't want to get them wet or feed them after midnight


They're solitary Also don't get a pet without research pls


Oh yeah most definitely but I’m not in the market for any so I’m good


That's for guinea pigs.


Definitely for guinea pigs


I will never buy 2. Thought I had 2 guys.... That turned into over 75 with multiple cages. I've seen them drop the babies from the top of chutes. Eating their young. Drowning them. Putting them on the wheel and yeeting them. Then it all ended when my bobcat got into the cages and they all got out and into my house that was getting remodeled. Never again.


So, no one else is gonna bring up the casual bobcat?


Haha, his name was Dakota. He was an amazing animal. He was super fast and sly. He was a cuddle fiend that would rumble your bed with purring and loved belly scratches. He also loved to play. If you tried to sneak around corners he'd disappear and then pounce on ya. He would play rough yet never really hurt you. Kind of like playing with a big dog. He died from intestine complications. Birth defect that couldn't be helped.


That’s crazy. How did you get a bobcat?


You have to get a permit from the state then adopt one.


Do they live in the walls now?


No idea. I was younger and we moved. We did hear them in the vents for quite some time.


Haha what a crazy story thanks for sharing. A house and the walls and every conceivable nook and cranny is full of hamsters, multiplying, multiplying, multiplying






Yes, when I lived in Ohio. I trapped a little about him in another reply.


That's true for guinea pigs


My nephews each had a hampster, absolutely had to be kept in separate cages.


I think that's guinea pigs


Funny enough, rats are the social ones so you want to have multiple.


Guinea pigs, ferrets and rats are social and can be kept together. In fact, guinea pigs can die of loneliness so you need to buy two unless you're with them 24/7. But yes, hamsters are brutal and hate each other.


Guinea pigs!!! always buy 2 Guinea pigs... Not hamster... People tend to always confuse the two. Differences between hamsters and Guinea pigs... That I can think of the top of my head 1. Guinea pigs do well in pairs. They are social animals. Hamsters on the other hand are solitary and nocturnal. 2. Guinea pigs Need a proper habitat with slides and tubes and stuff. NOT running wheels or one of transparent ball cage thingy. Guinea pigs unlike hamsters don't have very flexible backs, so a running wheel or a ball cage is very bad for them. Hamsters on the other hand have flexibility backs... And do well alone with a running wheel or a ball to chill and run around in. 3. Guinea Pigs are much bigger in size. Hamsters are much smaller. 4. Hamsters have very flexible cheeks so they do that storing nuts in mouth thing... Guinea pigs on the other hand... Don't.


Ginuea pigs. They need friends, not hamsters.


That's guinea pigs.


Tangs dude! You need and odd amount. Two, they’ll fight.


That’s true about most creatures but Syrian/“teddy bear” hamsters are extremely violent towards each other. Even breeders won’t keep babies together/with their mom for long if they’re smart otherwise like someone else said they’ll just eat the babies for no reason


Hamsters have to either be alone or in a big group where they're all siblings. Any other combination will result in fighting. With guinea pigs and rats, what you said is the case. They should have at least one friend or they get sad.


Syrian hamsters (the larger ones) should always be solitary even in a litter raised from birth. They will fight at some point. Dwarf hamster can be together if they were from the same litter, but it’s not usually recommended because they can also fight. Robos (smallest ones) are usually fine together if raised from birth.


Are you telling me that for all these years, Hamtaro has been lying to us???


Hamsters in the wild will eat elderly, sick, injured, or otherwise physically compromised hamsters. This way the disabled hamster will not have the opportunity to attract predators.


And mother hamsters will eat their own young if they’re stressed. Can’t have babies weighing you down y’know


My best friend had a hamster when we were about 10yr olds. One day we found a baby pigeon that had fallen out of its nest and she decided to try and hand rear it. That night she thought her hamster might like to keep the baby bird warm through the night and put the pigeon into his cage. Needless to say, when she woke up the next morning, it was carnage. Blood and guts everywhere! Hamsters are psychopaths 😳


Lmao to be honest that was a horrible move by your friend


Wow cool fact. If I ever can award I'm coming back for you!


Hamster eugenics has potential as a band name.


Because nobody looks into hamster care and ends up accidentally abusing them


I thought I had 2 males. That turned into 19 babies real quickly. We heard father hamsters were aggressive towards their kids and put him in a different cage, but for some reason we let the dad back in with mom and kids. He chased down the kids and bite one of them to death, before we got him away. I was 8-11 yo at that time and ended up asking for the hamsters to be given away. Too much, too quickly, too brutal for little me to handle


That same shit happened to me but I only had one presumably male hamster. Woke up at like 11pm to rustling around in the cage and “Dino” had had about 20 babies. I was enthralled for about 2 seconds until Dino started reenacting Saturn Devouring his Son on every single one of the little pinkies. I tried to wake my mom up and she was convinced I was dreaming and wouldn’t come look so I sat in the dark and listened to the little hell beast eating as many babies as it could until early in the morning. Come to think of it, that probably fucked me up lol


What did your mom do when she found out you weren't lying?


Honestly I don’t remember but I don’t think she was overly apologetic. My dad took the remaining 7ish babies “to the pet store.”


All night you heard your pet devour thirteen of its young while your parents ignored you, downplayed your observations, then your father offed the rest. I feel like after that you lost some love for everything in the situation from the hamster on through your parents.


God damn, this is the most fucked thing I’ve read all day.


You should have bitten him, establish dominance


Honestly goes for all pets. Get a dog from the neighbor's backyard, never get it spayed or neutered, feed it $5 food from Walmart. Oh but the vet is expensive so dont do that.


My first job was a pet store which sold hamsters. All different kinds of the little bastards, there are so many breeds and sizes but it doesn’t matter as they are all equally evil. Our store sold only females to prohibit unwanted breeding but that didn’t prevent any bloodshed. We had cages of unsellable hamsters. Hamsters with missing eyes because the others ate them out of their living skulls. Hamsters with missing paws because they were chewed off or mangled. Hamsters with infected deep tissue bites. Hamsters with no ears. One of our hamsters came in pregnant from the breeder and we realized it right away and put her in isolation so she could have her babies in a calm peaceful environment, 5 days later we watched in horror as she would tear them to shreds as soon as they came out of her body and ate them all except one. The last one she nursed for about 3 days before turning on it and we found it bitten up but alive and we were left to wrap the poor little thing up and keep it warm until it finally passed away. My now husband worked there with me and he would keep a spray bottle of freezing cold water in it so when he would clean their cages, feed and water them and they came after his hand he would spray them back while they screamed and lunged at him. Their battle cry is something really awful, like nails on a chalk board shriek. I always talked people with small kids out of getting them and if they insisted please just one, they don’t want company. I knew some people who had some really sweet ones that ended up being a really nice little pets but I would say 85% of the hamsters were truly awful and violent little creatures. People would bring them back because they were sick of getting bit or their kids couldn’t really play with them so there was no point in keeping them. We actually had one of our reptile guys tell us a story about how at a show they went to feed some hamsters to a snake and the hamster tore up the snake so bad they almost lost the snake. If you want an affectionate and social rodent, rats are hands down the best! They are happy and even pleased to be interacted with and don’t have a heavy rodent musk smell that hamsters and mice do.


Rats are indeed excellent pets. Hamsters however, God probably intended them to stay wild in Syria.


Working at a pet store and now running a farm I’ve learned this much. There are three different kinds of animals. 1. Animal species that bond and actively seek out human attention and affection. 2. Animals species that may not bond but tolerate and accept their roles in human lives and therefor live in harmony. 3. Animals species that will never bond or accept their roles in human lives and will lash out accordingly. Number 3 animals should never be kept as pets and should be phased out of being kept. They don’t “love” you, won’t bond with you and their existence in your presence will continue to drive their stress levels into either a wild rage or deep depression. Hamsters I feel are a 2 going on number 3.


Finns are a type three species.


Reading all of this makes me feel better because I had a hamster as a kid and couldn’t figure out why it hated me so much. We did everything under the sun to try to make it happy…every treat, every toy. But for its entire life it just acted like it would have been happiest taking a chunk or 20 out of me. Now I realize most hamsters are just demon spawn.


Yikes....this was hard to read. I had no idea hamsters are this...awful...


I also hear a lot of crazy ass stories about how someone’s goldfish died


Story time! I had 3 grocery store goldfish when I was young: Wanda, Wilma, and Shirley (don’t ask where the names came from, I honestly don’t remember). Wanda would always chase the other two away from their food, and they eventually starved to death. Wanda got her own tank, grew pretty damn large (because I was a kid and didn’t know that goldfish are fancy carp), and lived many glorious years after. When we gave her the traditional funeral, she clogged the toilet. Goldfish, man. I also had a snail named Oscar. Oscar cleaned the fish tank. Oscar is not actually relevant to this story, but Past Me would be sad if he didn’t get a mention, lol


Mad respect for Oscar He’s the MVP of this story.


I only just recently learned that goldfish are very invasive and multiply fast. And they also go from smaller than a apple to gigantic.


>When we gave her the traditional funeral, she clogged the toilet. Lmao. Goldfish in a bowl is one of the saddest things. Slow and cruel torture. THEY ARE CARPS!!




Rats make brilliant pets. They’re smart and gentle, and always generate excitement around kids, who’re amazed to discover that they’re cool as heck. Yeah hamsters are brutal.


I've known a lot of rat keepers in my life. They die so early and are so prone to tumors. Real bummer


Yeah, that's the only bad thing about rattos. Besides the poop. You get two years, three on rare occasion.


I’ve never met a rat but Reddit has made me so curious about them. Their lifespan, though, is a hard dealbreaker for me. My animals mean more to me than most humans. I can’t imagine adopting a friend knowing that I’d have to say goodbye in a couple of years. It makes my heart hurt just thinking about it


Had a similar story babysitting mice when I was younger... It was a massacre... I couldn't imagine pet rats doing anything like that


my mom had a hamster when she was little and she wanted it to have babies, so she and her friend, who also had one, decided to play cupid and put their hamsters in a bowl. they tried to murder each other


Rats are great pets! Sadly, they don't live very long though even with great care.


I absolutely love rats and I’ve had them as pets for years. I just wish they would live longer. By the time they start to mellow out and get cuddlier, they start getting sick… To give you an idea of their life span, I started having pet rats at 17 years old; I’m now 37 and have had around 200 rats over that 20 year span, usually about 3-6 at a time but it used to be more. It’s really depressing having rats. I’m going to try to make the sweet girly I have now my last rat because I hate having my heart broken every several months. She is suffering from a pituitary tumor but if it wasn’t that, it would be mammary tumors, respiratory infection, or whatever. I love them so much but life is so cruel to them ☹️💗


I absolutely love rats and I’ve had them as pets for years. I just wish they would live longer. By the time they start to mellow out and get cuddlier, they start getting sick… :( To give you an idea of their life span, I started have pet rats at 17 years old; I’m now 37 and have had around 200 rats over that 20 year span, usually about 3-4 at a time. It’s really depressing having rats.


It breaks my heart that such a loving animal is so prone to the worst issues. Tumors, lung infections, etc. My oldest girl lived to a miraculous 4.5 years with hardly an issue. She stuck around after the others passed, and she became a constant companion for me until she left. The heart ache was just too much, so I'm on pause at the moment. I think she got to see two whole generations of mine.


I found out the other day that rats will free another trapped rat w/o needing reward (and if reward was offered, [they’d often save ](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newscientist.com/article/dn21256-rats-free-each-other-from-traps-then-share-chocolate/amp/)part for the other trapped rat)


I’m sorry WHAT THE FUCK?!?


I had multiple hamsters growing up and the last ones we had were best friends and for months and months they would sleep together and play Then one day I came home and one had completely destroyed the other... from the neck to the tail was completely ripped apart and spread open... it looked like a scene from silence of the lambs or a zombie movie... we had murder hamster for another 6 months and it would run around and tear down the slides and wheels and whatever and climb up that cage over and over Then one day we came home and the top of the cage was slightly off... they had chewed the plastic clip and pushed it off and escaped.... we never knew what happened to Jamal.... they are still at large and even though it was like 15 years ago now and I’m in a different state I still think about it and every noise at night I think is the murder hamster coming back to get me


Amazing read, thank you for that. I will never own a hamster. Cool beans.


[this is what Jamal the murder hamster looked like](https://images.app.goo.gl/UNSnSbBD8AZHTduY8) And this is what [waffles the victim looked like](https://images.app.goo.gl/51nXSgRd5g567emYA) They were SO cute together and would snuggle and play and barely left each others side... then one day Jamal snapped... it really was horrifying for 12 year old me and then to have the deranged hamster for another 6 months in isolated confinement was scary as hell because we were terrified of it... we would wait till it wasn’t in the same part of the cage to feed it and wouldn’t hold it. THEN when it escaped it was a nightmare... I’m sure Jamal made it outside and was taking down local wildlife because that hamster turned into a monster


Idk why so many people buy multiple hamsters… everything you find says they’re solitary creatures. if people did an ounce of research before taking on a responsibility they’d be able to spare their kid from a lot of undue trauma


How are rats as pets? My roommate is getting two soon and I want to know what I'm in for


Varying personalities, you can get ones that are mean, and others that are perfectly friendly and trainable. Getting at least two is a good idea so they can socialize, can't remember if it's better to have two females or two males, or if it doesn't matter so long as they're the same gender, assuming your roommate isn't breeding them for some reason. The cage needs to be cleaned regularly, as with any other animal, otherwise it will start to stink. And that's about all I remember from 20+ years ago when my neighbor had some.


Also keep in mind their lifespan is (very sadly) between 18 and 36 months. Though the oldest recorded rat was over 7 years old. They honestly make great pets and they vary in personality. Some are more aggressive and can be mean, some are skittish and not very social with humans, but the majority of the rats I've owned and been around have been extremely sweet, caring, loving, and playful! They are also trainable and can play much like a cat would play with string. They also enjoy being tickled and they do giggle. Rats are amazing!! I miss mine. 🤍


Mine always lived 4-5 years, 18 months seems way too short!


The girls are very prone to tumors, they shorten the average life span. Boys can last a while longer. But five years is impressive!


Aww that's amazing! Mine have lasted roughly 2 years. It's too short, which is why I stopped having them as pets. It became too painful to lose them so quickly.


Two females. I had two males and one tried to murder the other on multiple occasions


They more than likely won't be litter trained, and their pee can be quite stinky and irritating to the skin. But they're incredibly affectionate and playful. As long as you can handle the above, they're great pets. The worst part is they live a few years on average , 2-3 max.


Seconding the “rat pee can be an irritant” - We had rats for a few years and even keeping their cage and the rats themselves super clean I basically had a two year long asthma attack. If I held them at all I had to shower immediately afterwards to prevent my skin from ballooning up in hives. I absolutely LOVE rats, they’re wonderful little buddies but I’m so deathly allergic to them 😭😭😭


I feel your pain. Had a couple groups of rats and the breathing problems they caused me were terrible.


And you can clean things daily but I swear that their urine and the dust from cage bedding just hangs in the air all over the house! I slept two floors away from the rat cage, kept our house clean/didn’t let the rats free run in the family areas, and I still had breathing issues. It didn’t even occur to me until much much AFTER they were gone to link the breathing with the rats because it was constant no matter how little contact I had with them. When you pick them up or clean the cage and suddenly can’t breathe, it’s obvious, but when you’re not even near them it just feels like there’s gotta be another explanation.


You should ideally get bedding with zero dust! It's really easy and cheap to find a lot of dustless substrates which rats love!


What types of bedding are considered “dustless”? We used the soft paper crumble type for our boys and the paper still made a “dust” as it got shredded or moved.


There is a heavy concentrated of dander in urine, so that would make sense! I am allergic to cat dander. I have three. My partner takes litterbox duty because I like to breathe. My heart would absolutely break if I couldn't touch them! I hope you can get some allergy free cuddles somewhere else.


All 3 of mine are entirely litter trained with a few days of effort.


Did he have an evil smirk and a twirly moustache?


Can rats be “fixed” like cats, dogs, and rabbits?


Yes, but they are so small that it can be quite hard on their bodies. Most people don't fix them unless they are showing hormonal aggression or are having issues with mammary tumors


I got most of my females spayed with no issues, the ones I spayed never got mammary tumors. The ones I did not spay all got them .I tried to spay them around 7 months so they were bigger


They’re really sweet and smart. Like a mix between a cat and dog. The more you handle them, the cooler they are. They can do tricks, and will ride around in your sweatshirt pocket and be excited to see you when you come home.


Girls tend to be more active, boys tend to get bigger and can be super cuddly. They're total cuties, but if you have a box of tissues in their reach, beware - they become cheeky, adorable little thieves!


Totally off-topic but I love your username. Gosh, I miss Sir Terry.


I had one from a baby until she died several years later. Very sweet, affectionate little fuzzballs that love to snuggle up with you. But they aren't without problems. They will chew on things that you don't want them to, so you gotta keep an eye on that. I mean no worse than dogs, really. I let mine roam around through the house quite a bit. But they also leave little tootsie rolls everywhere, which is pretty gross. They do prefer to go in their regular "bathrooom" but it's hard to tell when they need to go. If I was holding her, she would kind of seem anxious... so I'd put her back in her cage and then sure enough she'd pee or poop.


I know it's covered here, but they really are like little dogs. They are smart, usually eager to please but have unique personalities for sure, very trainable but their people have to put the time and energy in to keep them interested and learning to get the behavior results they want. I've had a few through my life, I have loved all of them but my favorite was Rati, he was snuggley and silly, he would dance when he wanted to be held. He would get out of his habitat and then when he got caught (usually in the bathroom sink) he'd run super fast back home and pull his gate shut, pull the latch, and bury himself in his bedding, then he'd come out like "oh hi, didn't see you there, just waking up from a nap". He was litter trained, though he preferred to pee in the sink. He would sneak out in the middle of the night and put dirty socks in bed while we were sleeping. He would shell and share his sunflower seeds. When you finished eating a snack, he would open your mouth and stick his head in there to inspect that there really wasn't any left to share. He lived to be over 5 years old. Man I miss that rat.


I have had them in the past and they were great, social pets. We got three from a rescue at the beginning of the pandemic to help my only child feel less lonely. They have served their purpose (helping her be less lonely), but they are super skittish and don't like to be held or even petted. if I were doing it over, I'd get them when them younger or ask more questions about how they were socialized.


My brother had a pair (same gender) brown rats and they were adorable.


Is she biting you? I've never had rats.


Rats are super affectionate little guys. They’re just giving little kisses. Like being licked by a dog or groomed by your cat.


Little kisses 🥺🥺


Just little licks and prob occasional gentle nibbles


Oh, thank you.


It feels so funny and they’re very gentle about it


It’s tickly!


Yeah! I loved when my pet rat (Fievel) gave me little kisses.


Upvotes for the little cowboy!


🥰🥰🥰 he sure was one. I fed him little marshmallows and he rode around on my shoulder. Man they’re such cool little creatures. 💙


Aww sounds absolutely adorable!


Did you ever sing "somewhere out there" from the movie "an American tail" to it with a friend who is scared of rats?


Have you ever had a cat nibble you? Kind of like when you scratch your back with your nails, but the kitty is doing it with their teeth? So it’s super gentle. I have a friend with pet rats and it seems like the rat equivalent of the same thing, and they were usually even gentler.


Licking salt/oils off the skin.


Communal grooming isn’t only for cleaning and eating, it’s an important bonding ritual for social animals.


Has a dog ever licked ya? Congrats you've now been socially groomed


Exactly! My cats do too.


It’s kinda like a very gentle surface nibbling? If you scratch you fingernail gently on your skin it feels kinda like that? Normally rats groom other rats and need to clean their fur but since humans don’t have fur they make do! If a rat or grooming you it means it considers you part of the family!!


this made me change my opinion on rats


Rats are excellent pets and get a bad rap for no real reason. The worst thing about having them is that they die from tumors or respiratory problems like clockwork. It gets depressing.


For real. Had two rat babies that i got at the same time. First pets as an adult. Lived maybe three years before getting medical complications. One died maybe 6 months before the other from ovarian tumors. It's been years since then and I couldn't ever consider getting new rats because they live for such a short amount of time. I had my guys potty trained and had them know their names and some other cute tricks, they are super super smart and very affectionate, they like to dogpile when they are sleeping and will snuggle in your hoodie sleeves. I ugly cried like real hard when the last one had to be put down at the vet. Luckily for me the vet made imprints of their little feet and sent me a card a week later with their condolences which was very unexpected but easily one of my most treasured keepsakes. I have dogs now and it's nice that they live much longer lives but damn, it's gunna be tough as they get older.


I thought this was going to end in Mankind bodyslamming someone back in the 90’s 🤣


Your comment really reminds me of the choice I have when listening to someone tell a long story. It's like a neighborhood gathering in the street. All are quiet - except for one person telling a story that isn't very entertaining. The rest of us listen in silence. Our collective attention suggests we're all respectfully paying attention. However, inside our minds, our thoughts vary greatly. Some of us think, "What should I do? How should I react to this?" Others think, "Maybe I can make a stupid shit joke that has nothing to do with what this guy said, and people will laugh and think I'm cool."


I mean I love rats but the bad rap is from the conception of them in the plague, spreading diseases and them being in cities in dumpsters and sewers and whatever I think they are cute and cool but they have a more of a “bad reputation” compared to other animals because there’s actual reasons and conceptions


I lived in NYC. Can’t imagine owning a rat


And New York rats are way bigger than these pet rats


The bad rap doesn't come from the rats themselves, but thing associated with them. Take disease for.example. fleas on the rats are what cause infection, not the actual rat (Save for rabies) and garbage attracts homeless rats because it's their only source of food.


I want pet rats really badly but I can’t deal with the fact that their lifespan is 2 years. Even a guniea pig’s 5-ish years seems way too short


Aren’t they just going for the salt in our “skin oil”? Dogs do that too.


Probably but I'm suspicious there is some social aspect to it as well. The human is part of their group.


Given the adult was not just licking, but nibbling gently, it's absolutely a social interaction.


My rats do this all the time even when my hands are clean , it’s purely affection


Rats actually don’t go for skin salt like dogs do. But they’re social groomers. So if they’re grooming you it means the consider you part of the family


Rats are social groomers, like chimpanzees. They groom each other to socially bond, so it's not surprising they would groom a person they see as a member of their family.


I had a 3 legged rat named tripod


See this is why I love rats. Not in every context, but this one is good


Wild/feral rats? Horrifying Pet rats? Cute as can be!


Yeah. I had a pet rat, but I've also killed a few that invaded my attic. I never feel great about killing an animal but I don't really know what else to do with a rat in the attic, causing a bunch of damage.


I used to live in this little apartment in a small town that had a real bad rat problem, to a point where they'd crawl into the walls and die on their own. I had rats coming in daily, and the place reeked of death a month after I moved in. The landlord was too cheap to hire pest control, so I ended up having to kill at least one rat a day, and I haven't been able to look at rats the same way since.


Set a live trap, also happy mutual cake day lol


Happy Cake Day, twins!


Rats are so sweet


I miss having pet rats! They’re so sweet and smart and happy to see you. Plus they sleep in a big pile together in their nest. They’re the best mini pets.


I lost one of my rats today and this makes me so sad. They are the sweetest pets.


I’m sorry for your loss :( ❤️


Rats make great pets. They make great pets.


I miss my ratties :(


That is almost too sweet.


Rats are good people


I actually think I'd like a pet rat or 2 (I hear they get lonely). Once they know you they seem to be friendly and clever.


Yeah rats are so social you NEVER want to get less than two. But they can be very sweet!


“and this is how you prepare the food!”


I love the little kisses


Bro I love rats so much they're smart af and cute




Rats are social groomers! They’ll nibble and lick other rats fur to keep clean and strengthen bonds! Humans don’t have fur but if they like us they’ll groom us anyway!


So sweet!!




I used to despise rats. Then I worked at a pet store. They are so sweet and intelligent. Totally bad rap sometimes


Man I love rodents so much but I don’t think I can ever have one again the older I get the more it hurts me when they pass away 😭


I have had 8 pet rats in my life. They’ve gotta be the sweetest, most loving little creatures. One of my babies would climb up her cage and reach out with frantic little paws to grab my finger and pull it into the cage so she could give me a good cleaning and licking. Very sweet lil lady. I stopped owning them because they have such bright and loving personalities yet only live 2-3 years so it’s always so heartbreaking when one passes.


Why do I get strong Rattatouille vibes all of a sudden? 🤔